Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Play Ball!!

Well, friends, it has begun. T-Ball Season is now open. Saturday was opening ceremonies and God blessed us with the weather. It rained early Saturday morning and then quit before we even left the house. Each team was called out and names announced. As you can see, Payne is a proud Dodger! Rich is a pretty proud coach too!

I know that it seems that I only talk about Payne, but you must remember, he is with me more than the girls. Keep that in mind.

Meg-Meg is singing at school tonight for our PTA program. Her program is titled "I Like School and School Likes Me". She is soooo excited. She truly does love school. She is still a reading machine. She has read 60 something books since she came back from Christmas break. Way to go, Meg.

Emma had associational Bible Drills this past weekend. She needed 16 points to make it to District in Ozark and Emma got 13. She was upset, but we told her for her first time, that was great. Out of all the first timers, she scored the highest.

Maddi is on Spring Break this week and spending some time with us. Yesterday, we went to clean the van, that is usually Wednesdays job, but I did not do it last week. After that we went to the grocery store and strawberry patch. I think I have decided that I want her to come live with me! What do you think, Lisa, can we work out some kind of arrangement!

I hope you all have a great week and I will post pictures of Meg-Meg from her PTA program later and if I can get Emma's head out of the clouds, I will get some of her too.!!