Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's For Supper!???

If you friends are anything like me, your family is always asking, "What's for supper?" Well, today was no different. I work outside the home on Tuesday and Thursday, so I don't have time to prepare my evening meals like I do the other days of the week. When I cook, I like to take my time and plan my meals and time management so that dinner is basically prepared when my children get home in the afternoons. We are early eaters!!!

With soccer, baseball and homework and football games and this and that... you get the picture, we have been eating out WAY too much. I am determined to prevent myself from having to say, I don't have time to cook. This afternoon when I got home from work, I took some steak out of the freezer. It had been sliced for like stir fry. Well, I had nothing in the cabinets for Chinese so I began to wonder what I was going to do with this meat!

Before I picked Emma up, I stopped by the bread store for our weekly bread and snack supply (you just can't beat bread prices from the bread store). People think that the bread store is old bread but I can promise you it AIN'T! I have been buying from there forever! I refuse to pay grocery store prices for bread. I even get snacks there too! Well, they also had a bag of small flour tortilla shells (30 count) for $1.29. I thought "DINNER"!

I got home and fired up the iron skillet and tossed in the steak with a little salt. While that was cooking, I put a pot of yellow rice on to boil. I discovered McCormick's Burrito sauce mix about a year ago and it now replaces ALL Mexican sauces I have used in the past! You mix this little packet with 1 cup of water and cook until thickened. I then took a spoonful and added it to the steak and let it cook down till thick.

Rich came home in a mad dash to exchange hellos, change clothes and take Emma and Payne to a football game. While he and I were catching up on the day's events, he fixed him a "whatever" you want to call it. He looked at me and said, "That was fine!!" just what every cook loves to hear! Took me all of less that 30 minutes to prepare and after I fixed me one with a sprinkle of cheese, a little of the burrito sauce and a dallop of sour cream paired with a spoonful of yellow rice to which I added a little burrito sauce, I must say, it was good!

I know you are all just as busy as we are over this way, so I wanted to pass along a QUICK and Delicious dinner idea!! Serve with your favorite chips and salsa and you are ready to go!