Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The British are Coming!!!

This is from our recent trip to Boston!

We had such a wonderful family vacation, probably one of the best yet. We left on a Tuesday afternoon and arrived at Rich's sister's on Thursday. The kids were great travelers. Played lots of "Punch Bug" and "PT Bruisers"! No matter how many Richie had, Payne had "One" more!

Rich stayed with us until Sunday then had to return home for meetings. The kids and I hijacked my sister-in-laws GPS and hit the road. Those of you who really know me, know that this was a stretch out of my comfort zone but with the help of the GPS we made it safely to each destination.

One day we traveled to the Salem Willows and had pizza, played arcade games, fed the birds and walked the shoreline. Another day, we went to Salisbury Beach. That was wonderful! I am pretty sure that I am supposed to live somewhere just like that one day!

Rich returned to Boston on Friday and the kids and I joined him for some sightseeing. This was the first time the kids remember being in the city. Emma got to see some history lessons come to life and I think she was really excited, although she would never admit it!

On Sunday, Rich got tickets for the Ole Town Trolley and surprised me with tickets for a three hour Whale Watching tour! I was so excited! We learned lots of history that missed the books and witnessed several whales on that Sunday!

The kids returned to Middleton while Rich and I enjoyed a few days to ourselves. Although I did not get to attend a Red Sox game as they were out of town for two of the weeks we were there, Rich and I did get a tour of Fenway Park. That was also amazing, got to see parts of the stadium that I would not have seen if I was just there for a ballgame. Rich and I have decided that when Payne becomes a Red Sox and buys us a house on the Vineyard, Rich will work as a trolley guide and I will be a Fenway Park guide!

After our stay in Bean Town, we returned to Middleton to a huge pig roast hosted at Rich's sisters house and catered by his brother. Lots of friends and family gathered for the feast.

As we left for home, we decided to route our return home through Lexington, SC to watch DAL boys play in the world series. What a fun way to end our time together.
Again, this was an amazing family vacation. We are so blessed to be able to spend this time together and grow as a family. Lots and lots of "Hostage Time" with the kids and even as a married couple.

School started as soon as we returned, so sad. Along with the start of school, school projects also began. Emma had to do a project from the Revolutionary War. She choose to do Paul Revere's home and why the British soldiers did not choose to stay in the Revere home ( a small piece of trivia learned on our trolley tour). Big thanks to our friend, J for crafting Paul Revere!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Wedded Bliss!

This week, Rich and I will celebrate 15 years of marriage. I do love him more now than ever. I know that sounds cheesy but it is so true.

Rich and I have a relationship that is so not textbook! People always talk about how much fun he must be at home, and they just have no idea! I can remember during the early days of our marriage, I would go to bed crying from laughing so hard. We still have nights like that, though not as often.

Rich is a good man who works hard so that I can be home with our children. Rich is a man who loves God and tries his best to teach that love to his children.

Just in case Rich does decide to read this, I want him to know that I love him more now than I ever thought possible. I want him to know that he is the best daddy our children could ever hope to have. I want him to know that I still get butterflies when he holds my hand. I want him to know that I dream about growing old with him. I want him to know that I have dreams of how we will spend our time when we do get older. I want him to know that I also dream of what a fun "Papa" he will be one day. I want him to know that although I am not perfect, I do love him with all my heart and I would do it all over again!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer is Finally Here~

Well, I have graduated two "blood" family members this month! Rich and Payne! There is one family member that is not "blood" but I don't think I could love her anymore if I had given birth to her! M has been a part of the St. John clan for a long time. She has one sister and two brothers that we also love too! And a mom and dad that are out of the world! We became close to the M family when Emma was in M and A's Sunday School class, ( 18mths-2 yrs). The Sunday that Emma promoted was also Bro. Jerry Spencer's last Sunday. I sang in the choir at that time and everytime I looked out into the congregation and saw M&A, I cried! M's mom and dad also go to our church and my children call them Nana and Papa just like the rest of their "real" grands!When our families became close, M was the same age as our Meggers. Now she is all grown up!

The M family has been with us through alot. When Daddy was sick and dying, all I had to do was call and they came to the rescue. M (the dad) even kept a carseat in his truck in case he had to pick Emma up from daycare. Emma used to go home from church with them on Sundays and take naps. She still remembers this. We will have M (the daughter) for at least another year before she transfers off to college. When she finishes, maybe I will have hit the lottery and she can totally remodel my house for me!

Well, what does our summer have in store! Emma has church camp, volleyball camp, sometime during the summer she wants to take a Red Cross babysitting course, and helping with VBS. Meggers will be going to GA camp this year, and I am VERY NERVOUS about this adventure. Payne will be showing off at the pool, and Rich and I are going to enjoy everybit of it all with them. With Rich not having school, he has all his days off to spend with us! We will be going to Boston in July and are stoked about that.

Well, gotta go do laundry and get ready for the pool!

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who sacrificed for our freedom!


We love you M!

Monday, April 19, 2010

...after all, tomorrow is a new day

As I sat folding clothes this morning in the quiet of my house, I was thinking about the past week. As many of you know, I was inflicted with a dreaded childhood disease last week. I somehow contracted Hand, Foot & Mouth! It was the most horrific thing that I have ever had! They can give you drugs for childbirth and gallstones (which are the only two hospital worthy events in my adult life), but there are NO drugs for what I had last week~ Only good thing to stem from this were a loss of 10 pounds and minimal talking for a week!

Anyway, I reflected on how wonderful my children were during this time. I give them a hard time about obiedience and such, but when the chips were down, boy did they pull through! Emma stepped up and fixed breakfast, packed lunches and when it was supper time, she made sure they got fed (granted, they ate cereal and bagel bites for 3 days, but they ate!). It was a rough week, but we got through it and guess what, my kids were not scarred in the process!

Those of you who TRULY know me, know that I am a "what you see is what you get" kind of gal. My house may not ( ok, DOES NOT) look spic and span all the time (OK, any time!), but my friends are welcome, ANYTIME! I love my crazy, mixed up family!

Rich is getting ready to graduate from College! May 16th! We are all so excited to have him back full time! It has been a long 3 years on all of us, but the end is very near!

Payne is about to graduate from Kindergarden. No more babies! YEA!

All these events are leading up to a full summer for us St. John's and I can't wait for school to get out so we can get started!

So, today is my new day: Gonna work on this blog so that our distant family can enjoy the simpleness of our lives!

Oh and Boy, I sure do hope those Red Sox can pull out of this hole that they are in! Gotta love BASEBALL

Love to all!