Monday, April 19, 2010

...after all, tomorrow is a new day

As I sat folding clothes this morning in the quiet of my house, I was thinking about the past week. As many of you know, I was inflicted with a dreaded childhood disease last week. I somehow contracted Hand, Foot & Mouth! It was the most horrific thing that I have ever had! They can give you drugs for childbirth and gallstones (which are the only two hospital worthy events in my adult life), but there are NO drugs for what I had last week~ Only good thing to stem from this were a loss of 10 pounds and minimal talking for a week!

Anyway, I reflected on how wonderful my children were during this time. I give them a hard time about obiedience and such, but when the chips were down, boy did they pull through! Emma stepped up and fixed breakfast, packed lunches and when it was supper time, she made sure they got fed (granted, they ate cereal and bagel bites for 3 days, but they ate!). It was a rough week, but we got through it and guess what, my kids were not scarred in the process!

Those of you who TRULY know me, know that I am a "what you see is what you get" kind of gal. My house may not ( ok, DOES NOT) look spic and span all the time (OK, any time!), but my friends are welcome, ANYTIME! I love my crazy, mixed up family!

Rich is getting ready to graduate from College! May 16th! We are all so excited to have him back full time! It has been a long 3 years on all of us, but the end is very near!

Payne is about to graduate from Kindergarden. No more babies! YEA!

All these events are leading up to a full summer for us St. John's and I can't wait for school to get out so we can get started!

So, today is my new day: Gonna work on this blog so that our distant family can enjoy the simpleness of our lives!

Oh and Boy, I sure do hope those Red Sox can pull out of this hole that they are in! Gotta love BASEBALL

Love to all!


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