Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer is Finally Here~

Well, I have graduated two "blood" family members this month! Rich and Payne! There is one family member that is not "blood" but I don't think I could love her anymore if I had given birth to her! M has been a part of the St. John clan for a long time. She has one sister and two brothers that we also love too! And a mom and dad that are out of the world! We became close to the M family when Emma was in M and A's Sunday School class, ( 18mths-2 yrs). The Sunday that Emma promoted was also Bro. Jerry Spencer's last Sunday. I sang in the choir at that time and everytime I looked out into the congregation and saw M&A, I cried! M's mom and dad also go to our church and my children call them Nana and Papa just like the rest of their "real" grands!When our families became close, M was the same age as our Meggers. Now she is all grown up!

The M family has been with us through alot. When Daddy was sick and dying, all I had to do was call and they came to the rescue. M (the dad) even kept a carseat in his truck in case he had to pick Emma up from daycare. Emma used to go home from church with them on Sundays and take naps. She still remembers this. We will have M (the daughter) for at least another year before she transfers off to college. When she finishes, maybe I will have hit the lottery and she can totally remodel my house for me!

Well, what does our summer have in store! Emma has church camp, volleyball camp, sometime during the summer she wants to take a Red Cross babysitting course, and helping with VBS. Meggers will be going to GA camp this year, and I am VERY NERVOUS about this adventure. Payne will be showing off at the pool, and Rich and I are going to enjoy everybit of it all with them. With Rich not having school, he has all his days off to spend with us! We will be going to Boston in July and are stoked about that.

Well, gotta go do laundry and get ready for the pool!

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who sacrificed for our freedom!


We love you M!

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