Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

Happy Father's Day! This is Payne and his daddy on the ball field! Where we spend much of our free time, but we love it. Payne loves having his daddy as one of his coaches and I must add this: those other men who invest their time are such a blessing to us. Not only are those men special to the boy, but these families we have met because of Scrapper Baseball mean the world to all the St John Crew!

I have to reflect a tad on the memories that I have of my own daddy. I do miss him but I am so thankful for the 30 years I had him. I am thankful that he got the chance to meet the man of my dreams and walk me down the isle. I am thankful that he got to hear that crazy little Emma call him Papa. I remember one time, momma and daddy had come to our house for dinner one night and while Momma and I were putting the finishing touches on the meal, Daddy was entertaining Emma. Out of nowhere, I heard Daddy scream "it is wet"! Not knowing what was wet, Rich ran into the den, Daddy was holding a baby doll that was dripping from her hair, Emma had given her dolly a bath and taken it to Papa to help dress.The stories go on and on. I am sad that Meggers and Payne never met him but they do feel like they knew him because Rich does and outstanding job of keeping his memory alive. Payne acts just like Lefty Henderson! Same temper, same silly sense of humor and even the way he eats, reminds me of Daddy.

Since I really do not want this post to turn into a trip down memory lane, I am going to completly change the subject. Everyone knows I love my Daddy and miss him, enough said!

Payne is about to finish up this season of travel baseball. He will be playing in the World Series in Orange Beach the end of this month and we are so excited. So super proud of the Scrappers!

Emma is headed to Boston for a couple of weeks and I have been told that she may even go to a Sox game!

Meggers returned from a week at camp where she had a blast and can't wait to return next year, I think she is more excited because next year, Payne will be old enough to go! Those two are one of a kind, I don't think they could be closer if they were twins!

Rich and I are about to celebrate 17 years of marriage in July and I think I love him more know that I ever thought possible. He is truly my soul-mate. God made him just for me and I am so glad!

Just trying to catch everyone up on what is happening around here for the next few months. I am super excited that the kids don't go back to school until the end of August. We may actually feel like we get a summer break this year.

Happy Summer and Go SCRAPPERS!

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