Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I have said before, I am not sure anyone even reads this crazy blog, but it helps me put into words what I am feeling at the moment! I have one loyal follower and she knows how mixed up and nutty my world is! But just in case someone stumbles across my lonely little blog: The silly nut pictured above is my rock! This pic was taken at our Christmas Vacation to Disney World. We had a blast! This was the first time Meggers and Payne had been so it was quite exciting.

I just want to know why someone doesn't tell new parents what to expect. I think that I am going to venture into the writing world and write a book "What to Expect when you leave the hospital". No one tells you the truth! Everyone wants you to think that those precious little things will stay that sweet and smell that good always, guess what, they LIED!

Babies grow up, they produce stink beyond your wildest imagination. Then they discover their voice and before you know it, they begin to talk back to you, and it is not always kind things they say.

I don't want you to think that this post is bashing parenthood, because I am not. I love my children and I love being their mother, but most of you who truly know me, know that I am completely transparent. I want you to know that it is hard! VERY HARD! I am glad that I have mounds of laundry, get to run errands, pick up a messy house and cook for my people. I could be all alone.

Life is not always picket fences and pink rosebuds (which by the way, my pink rosebush is full of blooms!). But even though we did not fall out of Ward and June Cleaver's house, my life is perfect. I have three healthy children and a MARVELOUS husband to share in the maddness with me. I told Rich last night, that I know he is my biggest fan! With God, he and I can turn the maddness into happy memories for our children. Not every day is going to be perfect.

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Hope Sewell said...

love it!! so true!!! ;)