Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have been thinking alot lately about a dear friend of mine, Betsy. She and her husband live in Pennsylvania. Betsy and I go way, way back. She has been my friend for as long as I can remember. We went to church together and one night she spent the night with me and I am sure that Betsy can remember eating crackers and cheese on the baby mattress that was under my bed. Don't ask me why my mother kept a baby mattress under my bed. You would just have to know my mother!!

That night started a beautiful friendship. Betsy was two years older than me and sometimes it was hard because she was at different stages in life than I was, but eventually things evened out and I think we are probably on the same page now.
As I watch my oldest daughter mature and form friendships, I am reminded of Betsy. I pray for God to send her Christian friends that will always be there for her. I also pray that she will be a positive Christian influence on them. Betsy was always there for me, no matter what, she always loved me, even when I was not lovable. Betsy and I have shared some really special things. When her father died, I hurt for my friend. I felt her grief in such a powerful way. I think that was when I truly felt and knew the definition of friendship. Betsy hurt and grieved with me when my father died.
Even though I have not talked to her in a while, (she won't stay in one state long enough!!) I know that we could pick up right where we left off.

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