Thursday, January 17, 2008

Getting Started

This is all new to me. I was introduced to blogging when an acquaintance was recently in the middle of spending the last few months with her mother who was terminally ill with cancer. I thought, what a neat thing. I enjoyed reading her blogs and begin to think that this would be something I would enjoy.

I talk to my sister almost every morning on her daily commute to work. We must enjoy our time together at 5 am. You see, I have three children and trying to catch-up with loved ones is not possible when the two younger ones are awake. Don't get me wrong, they are not wild animals, (okay, yes they are!), children just want your attention when they can't have it. I don't want to miss telling loved ones anything. I want to share it all with each of them. I just can't do it everyday. I already should be folding laundry instead of this, but this is much more fun!!

I want you all to enjoy. As I learn more about this process, I will post daily pics and every little thing I can.

I love you all and hope you enjoy.

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