Sunday, January 20, 2008

One of my favorite things

Okay, so this is Payne Richard, born October 24, 2003. He was such a surprise to us all, except Emma!

All mom's need a son. This little boy is such a sweetie. Most of the time! He is not a very affectionate child though. He does not like anyone to see him give his mommy hugs and kisses. He says that morning smoozies are for mom and night smoozies are for dad!! Afternoon smoozies are for no-one!

One of my favorite things are Payne's two front BLACK teeth. Yes, I know that may seem strange to you but let's remember that this is a private blog, only for friends and family, so you guys already know that I am strange. As for those of you who don't know the "rest of the story", here it is:

In July 2007, my children were at Water World with my sister, Lisa. I had gone to the doctor about my knee, (that story is reserved for another post!). I had just returned to WW and gotten in the wave pool with Lisa when Payne asked if he could jump in. Sure, I said. Our friend, Margaret, was there to catch him if he needed it, but he was doing really well. Then he decided he would show off for his favorite lifeguards, and started jumping off backwards. Well, I am sure that you can imagine what happened next. Yes, he hit his mouth on the pool deck. I was watching from the knee deep waters of the wave pool, when I saw Eliot jump in and emerge with my son in his arms, nothing but blood from the nose down.

After getting him to the first aid room and determining that the blood was coming from his mouth, I called the dentist, she was out until 3 p.m. Keep in mind it was 1 p.m. Lisa and I took him home and I got nervous and took him to the Pediatrician who then referred us to Dr. Bess, who is a really good looking oralmaxofacial surgeon. After visiting three doctors that day, Payne went home with a really monked up grill and lots of bloody towels.

Well, over six months later, Dr. Wright feels that it would be best to remove the damaged teeth. They are baby and he will loose them in the next few years anyway. If this had been one of my girls, I would be heartbroken, but he is a BOY and those of you who know him, know that he is 100% BOY. I will try to post a better pic, so that all will see how BLACK those two front teeth really are.

Just one of my favorite things...

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