Monday, January 28, 2008

The Middle Child

This, my friends, is Mary Meaghan. Need I say more.
Yes, I do need to say more. She is my princess! Rich has challenged me to be more loving towards her. I think the reason that she and I do not get along any better is, you guessed it, we are just alike.

Meg-Meg, as we call her, is precious. She is the life of the party. She is also the family attorney! She mediates for everyone, especially her daddy. As most of you know, she was only 17 months old when Payne was born. She referred to him is "That". She was denied her special time between 18 months and 3 years. I think she is just making up for lost time. We love to pick on her about her STRONG Northern accent. Rich's family all live in Boston and she talks just like she grew up there.

Meg-Meg has started reading. Actually, I was informed that she has been able to read for quite some time, but she has just recently let me in on that little secret! She comes home everyday and can't wait to climb in my lap and read me her library book. This is shocking to us because she hated to be read to when she was little. The picture is from our favorite summer hangout, Water World. She was probably mad at me for who knows what.

This is a true depiction of Meg-Meg, beautiful, isn't she. Emma used to say, when Meg was little, that she had eyes like Blueberries!

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